Video Resumes – My Thoughts

I am hearing thoughts on video resumes again… this is a topic that just isn’t dying (even though some people think it’s a horrible idea, and others think it’s an awesome idea and traditional resumes better watch out!).

Last week I had a thought… I personally don’t like the idea of a “video resume,” as in a video clip that takes the place of a resume… I’m not a recruiter who reviews hundreds of resumes each day, but I have had times where I’ve had to fill a few positions and the idea of watching video resumes would have been enough to make me insane.

I don’t think it’s possible that video resumes replace traditional resumes.

However, what about something that can complement the traditional resume?

What about a “video profile?”

Just changing the word from “resume” to “profile” is pretty powerful – no longer are we trying to replace the resume… we are simply delivering something that someone can view if they want, in addition to viewing my resume.

Here’s the cool thing – video profiles have been around for YEARS.  It’s nothing new.  I think they are, or can be (if done right), highly effective.

But don’t think of them as replacing that steadfast document: the traditional resume.

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