The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered. WHAT???

I read this article on The Huffington Post: Disturbing Job Ads: ‘The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered.’

In my opinion (Jason Alba, not Career Resumes), this should be illegal.

At the very least it seems immoral and unethical (which, imho, trumps the law anyway).

I’d like anyone who makes a policy decision like this to lose their job, for any reason.  Could be the economy (like 2009), someone at the top messing things up (like Enron), bad office politics, getting a new change of bosses who bring in their own people, a customer account tanking which causes layoffs….

It could be a number of different reasons why they lose their job – and then let THEM find a job as an unemployed person.  See how they like it.

Does being unemployed change your knowledge, skills, background, experience, or value proposition?


You still are competent, expert, etc.  Maybe now you are just more available.  But you are not less of a professional just because you are for-some-reason unemployed!

I thought that one result of this last recession, with so many industries failing and so many professionals out on the street, would be that this kind of 1800’s thinking would go away.

I thought we would look differently at professionals who are in transition, or who have multiple job changes.  But these ads tell me there is still a lot of ignorant thinking to change.

You can tell this makes me mad… I’m not going to post the names of the companies listed on the article since this isn’t my blog…. but I will on my blog (or just read the original article).

What do you think – should this be tolerated in today’s world/economy?

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