The underqualified candidate

I once interviewed about fifteen people for an intern programmer position.  The seemingly most-qualified person had about twenty programming languages on his resume (for me, that was a red flag).

The least qualified person came in and the discussion went something like this (after I reviewed her resume):

me: so do you have any programming experience?

her: no.

me: …. do you have any desktop or networking experience?

her: no.

me: ….  …. do you have any design or analyst experience?

her: no.

me: …. …. …. do you have any customer service experience?

her: no.

me: okay, well, I really need someone who as some kind of computer experience – I’m sorry, this isn’t going to work out.

I could not believe it – I thought maybe she left some stuff off her resume, but in fact she really didn’t have any reason to be in that room.  Unless perhaps a professor told her she should get some experience interviewing.

I was disgusted, mad she wasted my time, but cracking up because this was the craziest interview I had that never should have happened.

When I started my job search I was that guy who thought I was ‘good enough.’  Then I realized I was competing with people, for the same job title, who had decades (DECADES) of experience more than I did.  (I was looking for general manager and VP positions)

I was not qualified to be in any of those interviews.

I wonder how many job seekers are trying for jobs that they simply aren’t qualified for?  More than would admit, I’m guessing.

How about you?

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