The Sky Is Falling (or it’s just changing)

Lately I’ve thought a lot about this recession, or depression, or economy, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s very difficult for individuals, companies, countries… everyone seems to be hurting.  Almost every day there is more news about tens of thousands of jobs lost… which is scary because every time that happens more competition enters the job search, and these are people who are highly talented and skilled (like you).

I wonder, though, if this is a time of “the sky is falling” or if it’s some natural evolution.  You know, like the various revolutions we’ve had (i.e., the industrial revolution) where the work environment changes.

Rita Ashley recently wrote a positive post about the fact that there are still jobs to be had, still companies hiring.  If you are tired of reading all of the negative stuff, go read Rita’s post here.

To respond to the title of this post, I do think the sky is falling a little bit, but I also think that things are significantly changing in how we work, a la “the world is flat” thinking.

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