“My Husband Needs A Job”

I love this.  Check out the My Husband Needs a Job website and blog, and story.  Apparently Oprah just wrote them and perhaps they’ll be on Oprah (how many thousands of PR people are jealous about that!)….

The question I pose is, how desperate are you?  Are you going to sit around and do all the traditional things, like I did (and it got me nowhere)?  Are you going to do some Guerrilla job search tactics, which might be outside of your comfort zone?  Are you going to pose for a picture with a big sign pleading for a job?

Uncomfortable? Yes.  Humbling? Yes.  The right thing to do?

I think it’s perfect for Mike and his wife.

And it worked for the NYC Sandwich Board guy.

How desparate are you to change from unemployed to employed?

It’s tough times (that’s no secret) – what can you do that is outside of your comfort zone that will change your situation?

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