Jobless Benefits and Long-Term Joblessness

Check out these two contrasting articles:

You’ve probably heard about the jobless benefits ending, and about Senator Jim Bunning, who “has been holding up jobless benefits for millions of Americans.”  There are really tough decisions to be made.  Do you keep giving benefits to people who aren’t (or, can’t) get employment?  These benefits include unemployment insurance, which is a bit of money each week or month, as long as you show you are kind of trying to find a job, as well as medical help (COBRA).

Or do you cut the benefits and try and give the former recipients a sense of urgency to kick their job search up a few notches?

It’s very difficult because on the one hand the programs have to be funded, and no one is in favor or paying for “job seekers” who aren’t trying (in other words, those who are taking advantage of the system).  On the other hand, are there really that many jobs out there to be had?  What if you are working very hard on a job search, doing all the right stuff, even engaging with coaches and counselors, and there aren’t any opportunities?

I’ve heard many say “the jobs are there, you just have to find them,” and others who are days away from giving up any hope at all because they’ve turned over all the rocks and can’t find anything.

What an interesting point we are at in this “great recession,” where jobless benefits start to end while long-term joblessness is off the charts.

What is the solution!?!?

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