Job Search Business Cards

I found a blog post that talks about business cards for job seekers.  It correctly says that a job seeker needs to have business cards, and that you should not use the business cards from your previous employer.  It’s super-easy to get your own.

In the post it says that you should include “Your job function or title, or 2-3 core competencies.”  I would actually NOT put 2 – 3 core competencies.  The only time I see a list of “core competencies” is when someone is pitching themselves… and I quickly (mentally) disregard the list.  Not sure why, but it just doesn’t mean much.  Usually, they sound cliche.

Cliche, in this context, means something that I would expect from any professional.  Things like “great worker, smart, high achiever,” etc. don’t do it for me.

I remember hearing that in sales you sell the benefit, not the features.  Maybe the core competencies are “features,” and you aren’t selling a benefit?

Anyway, I love the business card idea, but I would make it look like “I’m a professional ________,” as opposed to “I’m a professional in a job search.”


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