Job Search tools on Facebook

There are some “new” job search tools on Facebook that are getting a lot of buzz:

BeKnown: This is Monster’s product/application for job seekers.  Many career experts are cautioning you to be careful what you do with BeKnown since you might let an employer know you are in a job search… that is, your current employer! More information here.

Branchout: Branchout was supposed to be the LinkedIn killer, on Facebook.  I haven’t read much about it lately but a few weeks ago I asked a recruiter what he thought about it and he said he regularly did searches on Branchout for candidates.  Will it kill LinkedIn?  Hardly.  But if recruiters are looking for it, it might be worth your attention.  More information here.

Is Facebook a place for job seekers?

I don’t think it’s a place to spend too much time, and I don’t think you should replace face-to-face and other tasks with hours spent on Facebook, but if you could do any of these three things, Facebook can be a good tool for your job search:

  1. Share your brand – get a stronger personal brand,
  2. Grow your network,
  3. Nurture individual relationships.

Can you do any of these on Facebook?  Then you should figure out how to incorporate it into your strategy!

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