Job Search Scams

Dave Opton, of Execunet, wrote a much-needed post about job search scams titled The Scam All-Star List. Go read it and please, don’t get scammed during this part of your life.  It’s already demoralizing enough to be in an extended job search, much less get taken to the cleaners by unethical people.

Dave has a number of cautions, including:

Beware of firms that “guarantee placement…”

Be careful if asked for big bucks up front.

Watch out for the bait and switch,

and more… go read his post here.

It should be very clear what you are getting when you pay for services. I can’t imagine paying a company to totally do my job search for me – everything except the interview.  Perhaps there are legit companies out there but I have never heard of one.

Many may be inclined to throw money at the job search problem, assuming if you throw enough money at it, it will go away, but the reality is there are certain things you have to, or should do, on your own.

One reason is because you might be in transition every 18 – 60 months… get good at this stuff, build your own network, have a strong, recognizable brand, and build your own kind of job security (which is much more about YOU and much less about any particular company).

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