Is this a good time to go back to school?

In this recessionary time I hear that higher ed is doing great – their enrollment is way up.  Going back to school might seem, for many, to be the only thing to do right now.  Heck, if no one is hiring, why not do some saw-sharpening, right?

I know there are many who have been wanting to, or planning on, furthering their education.  Some do it for the passion of learning while others (me) do it to get the sheepskin, which supposedly helps with job security.  If you have been thinking of going back to school, for whatever reason, now just might be the right time.

But if you are going back to school just because there’s nowhere else to go, I’d content that this is not the best strategy.  I know it’s a hard (impossible?) job market right now.  With thousands of people hitting the street almost daily, new layoff announcements made weekly, the lowest unemployment since 1945 (!!), etc., school seems safe but unless you have a solid strategy for why/how this will move you to where you want to get, I suggest looking at alternatives.

Perhaps it might be best to get education from a votech, trade school or some kind of certification program.

Perhaps it might be best to stay in the job market, and try more guerrilla tactics.   Companies will keep hiring, I can assure you.  The best, or perhaps most aggressive (or creative) candidates will get those jobs.

Perhaps it’s time to start a business.

Perhaps it’s time to start a side-business… not a full business but something that can create an additional revenue stream.

I’m not saying school is bad, or a bad option, but if you are going just to hide out for a while during this economic mess, I’d suggest you rethink that and look at other options.

My route during my personal recession was to start a side business, which became my main business.  And guess what?  I’ve been asked for an updated resume more than once!  If you don’t have an updated resume, check out the services of Career Resumes 🙂

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