Introducing New Career Resumes Blogger Jason Alba

As I read through the past posts on this blog from Allen Voivod, I realize I have really big shoes to fill. And even though I’ve been blogging for over two years, and running four blogs, I feel like this is my dreaded “first post.”  

What do I say?

Let me start off by answering two questions: Who am I, and why and I blogging here?

Who is Jason Alba

I’m an IT professional who was laid off and proved that I was not a good job seeker (read: I couldn’t get a job).  In fact, my problem was my resume.  I wrote it on my own, and it didn’t really get me any interviews.  I had no idea what I was doing, and seemed to do all the wrong things in my job search.

Within a few weeks, the excel spreadsheet I created to track my job search was crumbling, and I longed for a real piece of software to manage my job search.  I designed, and decided I was going to get into the career industry.  I’ve loved it since the beginning.

Why am I blogging here?

Peter Newfield asked me if I was interested in writing for his blog a few weeks ago.  Initially my response was… no way!  Peter has a great name, is well respected, and I admire his company.  But I knew Allen Voivod had done a spectacular job with the content of his posts, and I wasn’t sure I had the mental bandwidth to keep it up.

I’m actually honored to have been asked to blog here.  After taking all of the factors into consideration, I accepted the role.  

Over the next few months, and perhaps years, I’ll be sharing job search and career management ideas, tactics, techniques, philosophies, and knowledge, and hope that you can weigh in in the comments area to share your knowledge with me and the other readers.

Let’s get started!

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