Go To That Network Meeting for the Unemployed!

I remember the first time I “tried” to go to a networking meeting for people in transition.

Somehow, I didn’t make it there, and went home. At least I “tried.”

The second time I did the same… I “tried,” then went home.

I was embarrassed and nervous, and I really didn’t think I’d get any value out of going to that meeting.

The third time, fortunately, was a charm. I got there, went inside, introduced myself, and the rest was history.

I needed to be there. I really, really needed to be there. Why?

I learned that it was normal for someone with my education and experience to be in transition.

I thought that I was a big loser, and everyone else with my skills and experience were in jobs.  This was not the case. I sat down and listened to the 30 second pitches of others and was amazed at how accomplished they were.  Just listening to that made me feel much, much better about my own situation.

If it could happen to them, why not to me?

This was invaluable.

I learned I was doing what everyone else was doing, and I was getting the same non-results.

I assumed I knew what a job search entailed, and that’s what I worked on for about 10 hours a day.  When I learned, at those meetings, that I was doing all the wrong things, it helped me realize it isn’t necessarily a numbers game… I had to have a smarter, better strategy. I had to do things dramatically different.

If I didn’t go to those meetings I would have just kept plugging away a tall the wrong things.  Total waste of time.

I learned about resources that could be really helpful.

In my meetings I learned there was a free 2-day workshop I could attend – this really changed a lot for me in my search.  It was very, very valuable.

As I travel I’ve seen clubs that offer short workshops, long workshops, and help you tap into state resources (for example, to get your PMP certification, etc.).

Clubs have a lot of information to help you get to the next level, and you need to go and at least ask what other resources they can share with you.

I regret not going to these meetings earlier… but I was really just too scared.  Thank goodness I finally made myself go.

Have you gone?  Will you go?

Here’s a link that might help you find something local to you: http://www.job-hunt.org/job-search-networking/job-search-networking.shtml

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