Free Resume Critique

Last week I blogged about getting a resume critique from the wrong people.

I can’t stress this enough.  When you are looking for some outside help to see how strong your resume is, I encourage you to get a professional resume writer to help you.

In that post I talked about how I thought I had qualified people reviewing the resume.  Whether they were hiring managers or HR experts, they reviewed it the wrong way.

Your resume is your professional marketing document. The person who critiques your resume should be trained to write these types of marketing documents.

When someone asks me to critique a resume, I cringe… because I’m not a professional resume writer.  I don’t have the right attention to detail.  I haven’t been trained and certified as a professional resume writer.  I am not up-to-date on current resume trends (yes, there are trends that are different than they were in your last job search).

If you want a trained resume professional to critique your resume, for free, click here.  It’s that easy!

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