Are You Good At What You Do?

I hope so.  You must be good at what you do.  I’m guessing that if you come to this blog you are very good at what you do.  Why?  Because coming to this blog shows you care about what you do… or at least you care about your career.

So the next question is, are you good at WHO YOU ARE?

Who are you?

When I was working I was Jason the General Manager.

Then I got laid off and I became Jason the Job Seeker (or, unemployed guy).

It was very difficult to go through this transition, especially as my sense of identity quickly changed from “king of the world” to “bottom feeder.”

Here’s an interesting idea: I was good at what I did (general manager, etc.), but completely neglected who I was.

I was, and am, a professional.  That’s the bottom line.  I care about my career, I work on my career, I understand I’m CEO of Me, Inc.

Three years ago I only cared about doing my JOB. A temporary thing.  I neglected my role as CEO of Me, Inc.

Never again.  I will always do my job well, but I will never neglect my role as CEO of Me, Inc.

Are you neglecting your role as CEO of Me, Inc.?

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